Ford Focus: Zetec, Edge or Titanium?

With a reputation for a smooth and comfortable driving experience, the Ford Focus is an easy-steering car with some great looks. But which model is the one for you? We’ve had a look at the Zetec, Edge and Titanium. If you’re considering getting yourself a Focus, but struggling to buy outright, then you should take a look at some cheap cars on finance. This lets you pay fixed monthly instalments, and car finance for bad credit is also an option available to you too.


Ford Focus Zetec

This model is ideal for the family, as it features comfortable seating and a great interior, making it super relaxing for those long journeys, as well as being the most fun to drive. The best feature of he Zetec is definitely the DAB digital radio with USB connection and Bluetooth, which allows for hands-free calling and voice control. Also designed with a heated windscreen, tyre pressure sensors and a height adjustable driver’s seat, the Zetec is at the top of our list for practicality, and offers a sportier look with its chrome exterior trim.


Ford Focus Edge

If low mileage is all you’re after, the Edge will get you from A to B with no problems. If you’re planning on using the Edge as a business or company car, then you’d potentially be better off with the diesels. The Edge has been recently improved, now offering more space, and is able to comfortably fit four people into its modern interior. If you’re all about safety, there’s nothing to worry about as the Ford Focus Edge includes a good level of safety equipment such as curtain airbags, alarms, passenger and driver airbags and much more.


Ford Focus Titanium

The Ford Focus Titanium may be the most expensive, but is definitely worth it as one of the best models on offer. The Titanium contains the most premium car features, such as chrome door handles and cool interior ambient lighting. Unlike the other two models, the Titanium features an Ecoboost engine which gives the car a little extra driving character, and also has a strong engine, which is able to reach 62mph in only 8.9 seconds. Pretty impressive for a Focus. If this isn’t enough to persuade you, the Titanium is also supremely smooth to drive, with great steering, handling and a strong engine.


Similarities and Differences

All models feature alloys wheels, folding rear seats, AUX input, curtain airbags, stop/start, Bluetooth and voice control. The Titanium is designed with a few extra features which the other models don’t have. This includes cruise control, sports seats, auto climate control and a reversing camera.


We hope this has been useful, and good luck with make your choice.

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