Japan to get amped-up Versa Note Nismo

Nissan has been giving the Nismo treatment to a lot of vehicles lately and we were recently impressed with the oddball Juke Nismo RS. The Versa Note is about to get the Nismo treatment by fall of 2014, according to Nissan, but only for the Japanese market right now.

Nissan will offer the “standard” Note Nismo and the sportier Note Nismo S. Both come with lower air dams and edgier body panels lined with red trim as well as optional Recaro seats.

It can be assumed that the “standard” Nismo will use the regular Note’s engine but the S will receive a “specially tuned engine.” Nissan has yet to release power figures for the Nismo Note.

The Juke Nismo is a fun, small car to drive quickly and the lower, lighter Note promises to be even more so. Hopefully, this model manages to make it to Canadian shores.

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