Calgary man reunited with his beloved little red Corvette named Betsy

CALGARY — It’s a story about an emotional reunion that will bring a tear to the socket set of the most avid automotive fan.

Kenneth Jelley, 74, thought he’d never again see his little red 1962 Chevrolet convertible Corvette, affectionately named Betsy, after she was stolen from his Calgary home a couple of weekends ago.

But after getting some tips from the public, police found the car on an acreage near DeWinton, Alta., on Wednesday afternoon.

Betsy had been tampered with; she was missing a hub cap and somebody messed with the wires in her ignition.
And Jelley won’t get her back for good until police have finished doing forensic tests to figure out who stole her.

But he’s thrilled to know the car he has owned for more than 40 years is going to be OK.

“You say you’ll never see the car again, then you think to yourself maybe the insurance company will pay me out enough money I won’t remember it, but then you say to yourself what the heck good is the money if you want the car?” he said.

“I have a son but the car is older than him, so it’s like the car is part of the family.”

As excited as he is, Jelley said his wife probably isn’t as enthusiastic to get the car back.

“I’m thinking she’s thinking, ‘there’s a 74-year-old guy driving around in a plastic sports car, isn’t it time to be into something a little more safe?’ ” he laughed.

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