F1: How about using F1 oil in your own car?

Renault Sport F1 and Total engineers were asked if it would be a smart idea to put Formula 1 lubricant into an everyday car. He is their answer.

“You would have to regularly change the oil of the engine!” they said in a Renault press release.

“An F1 lubricant is in fact too elite for regular, everyday usage as it is designed to protect an engine for just 3,000km. Some detergents used to clean parts or dispersants designed to keep foreign bodies in suspension are absent or much too low grade in an F1 lubricant to ensure proper protection of the engine in the traditional interval between oil changes on a standard vehicle.

“In addition, F1 cars are always run in very hot temperatures, while the Clio must start in all weather. The lubricant therefore needs special ‘cold’ properties that an F1 version does not need.

“The overall objective is however the same between the two universes. They share similar viscosity grades, whether 0W30 or 5W20, with comparable values under high shear at 150

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