Rally: 2017 rules to change the face of World Rally Championship

British motorsport publication Autosport has learned that the FIA has the firm intention of giving a huge boost to the World Rally Championship with ground breaking technical rules.

Autosport wrote that WRC Commission president Carlos Barbosa admitted that the FIA is determined to reinvigorate the sport’s spectacle with the next generation of WRC cars in 2017.

Barbosa said the new rules would need to be written before the end of 2014.

He added that the current WRC cars all look the same and major changes are needed.

Sources have suggested there will be significant change in 2017 both in the size of cars – potentially moving from the current segment-B cars up to segment-D.

The engine would also be changed, with the rules centred on controlling fuel flow to allow manufacturers to, within reason, run whatever engine they prefer.

Remember that in March Toyota’s TMG tested a hybrid powered Yaris.

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