F1: Toto Wolff injured in cycling accident

Although he was not taking part in the Tour de France, Mercedes AMG F1 Team chairman Toto Wolff was injured Tuesday in a cycling accident.

The news was released via the team’s official Twitter account: “A bit of a carambolage during yesterday’s bike ride resulted in a fractured shoulder, collar bone, elbow and wrist…”

Wolff, now nicknamed #Totonator (because of the metal plates et screws now in his arm), added: “We’ve decided to leave it to the pros now. Lewis & Nico are better wheel to wheel at 300 km/h than we are at 30 km/h!”

Wednesday morning, his wife, Williams’ development driver Susie Wolff, posted this photo and wrote: “My husband the hero! As we know, boys will be boys… Looks like I am on nurse duty for the next few weeks!”

F1 Toto Wolff #totonator

Toto Wolff (#totonator) (Photo: Susie Wolff)

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