F1: Renault Sport F1 fired up 2015 F1 turbo engine on dyno

New Renault Sport F1 director Cyril Abiteboul says that the French auto manufacturer is well advanced with the 2015 version of its V6 turbo engine.

Like those of Mercedes and Ferrari, the Renault Power Unit has had to be developed in line with the FIA’s homologation rules.

“We are quite well advanced on the 2015 version of the V6 actually, there was already the first fire-up of next year’s engine on the dyno last week,” Cyril Abiteboul said in Germany.

“It’s going well; we need to improve performance however,” he added.

F1 Renault Sport Cyril Abiteboul

Cyril Abiteboul, Renault Sport F1. (Photo: WRi2)

The French engineer confirmed that Renault will evaluate the split turbo idea pioneered by Mercedes this season.

Mercedes modified its turbos in other to have the air compressor and the turbine on separate ends of the engine.

It is said to help reduce turbo lag for improved efficiency, as well as assist with the car’s aerodynamic packaging.

Remi Taffin, head of track operations at Renault Sport F1, explained it would be wrong of his engineers to not investigate it if the concept can bring a benefit.

“For sure we are looking at a different solution,” he said when asked about going down the split turbo concept. “We will explore all the solutions.

“If I knew [the answer now] it would be wrong, because I should not know now what we are doing. It’s being developed.”

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