Furtive e-GT electric supercar – exclusive pictures

Furtive e-GT electric supercar - exclusive images

The boss of Exagon Motors, the company behind the £360,000 Furtive e-GT, reports significant interest in the carbonfibre battery-powered vehicle

Exagon Motors says it has sold the first 12 months of production of its new Furtive e-GT electric supercar. Based on the Swiss and US pricing, the e-GT is likely to cost any UK buyer around £360,000.

Speaking to Autocar in London, where the car made an appearance at the Salute to Style event last weekend, Luc Marchetti, chairman of Exagon Motors and brain behind the Furtive e-GT’s development, said that the company wasn’t going to employ a conventional dealer network.

“We don’t need retail showrooms. We will be using ‘ambassadors’ [to promote the car]. The e-GT is aimed at the sort of person who has everything,” he said.

It’s also possible that the e-GT could be promoted within high-end retail environments, trading on a combination of “French luxury and European technology”. Marchetti says that annual production will initially run at about 150 units per year.

The e-GT is based around a carbonfibre structure, which is manufactured close to the Magny-Cours race circuit in France and weighs just 124kg. The e-GT’s SAFT lithium-ion battery pack – SAFT is said to be the leading battery supplier in the aerospace industry – is mounted in the floor of the structure and weighs 480kg.

Unusually for an electric car, the e-GT has a three-speed gearbox. Currently, most electrically driven vehicles have a single-ratio transmission, but Marchetti says there is no torque interruption from the twin Siemens electric motors, which send a base 380lb ft to the rear wheels between 0 and 5000rpm. Marchetti said that such is the torque at the rear wheels, Michelin had to engineer a new kind of tyre to deal with it.

The e-GT has a range of 224 miles on the battery pack and buyers also have the option of a range-extending petrol-fired engine/generator. Described as a “small capacity combustion engine”, it is designed to run at a constant speed and returns a claimed 41mpg when it is solely powering the car.

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