Millions worth of pristine classic cars hidden in Berlin warehouse

Hidden away on an industrial-looking street in the outskirts of Berlin is a classic car paradise that you would never know existed unless you were part of the club.

When you walk into the nondescript building that looks like any old warehouse, you’re greeted by millions of dollars worth of pristine classic cars and motorcycles. An oldĀ Austin-Healey Sprite smiles back at you, a guy on a classic Ducati rides by, its thrumming engine interrupting the pin-drop silence, and a vintage Jaguar E-Type sparkles in the corner. You try to comprehend where you are and wonder, “Am I even allowed in here?” You look around quickly to see if there are any security guards walking briskly in your direction.

The doors to this classic car paradise, called Classic Remise Berlin, are wide open, and visitors don’t even need to pay to get in. That’s because Classic Remise isn’t really a museum, although you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Besides being a facility where classic car owners can rent space to store their prized wheels, Classic Remise is open to the public and houses all types of classic car dealers, mechanics, car restorers, detailers, and serves as a venue for owners’ clubs to meet.

In a nutshell, if you’re a classic car enthusiast, everything you could possibly want can be found here.

Classic Remise Berlin

Glass boxes can be rented at the Classic Remise Berlin to store classic cars.
Jodi Lai, Driving

The Remise is a refurbished warehouse from the early 1900s that used to be a tram depot. One of the most visually striking parts of the building are the rows of glass boxes that provide a temperature-controlled environment for people to store their classic cars. The glass boxes make the cars look like model toy cars in their packages, and the wide variety of cars on display turn the Remise into sort of a living museum. Everything from classic Corvette Sting Rays to mint condition Lamborghini Countachs and stately Rolls-Royces are on display. A brand-new LaFerrari made me do a double take. A perfect Alfa Romeo GTV made me giddy. A mechanic working on an old Dino 246 GT winked at me. Looking around, I knew I had stumbled into something special.

Flip through the gallery above to see some of the gorgeous vintage beauties at the Classic Remise Berlin.

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