US Marines testing GUSS automated vehicle that could save lives

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The machine you see in the video up above is the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate. Called GUSS for short – because who doesn’t like a handy-dandy nickname – this vehicle, as it’s proper name suggests, is capable of operating without a driver.

It’s possible to get in and drive, as you’ll see in the video below, but the novel part of GUSS is that it uses a series of sensors and on-board computer programming to navigate itself over all kinds of terrain, day or night, no matter the weather. The machine above is undergoing testing by the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab during Rim of the Pacific 2014 at Kahuku Training Area on Oahu, Hawaii, according to the video’s description.

Based on a military machine that’s more like an armored ATV than a Jeep, GUSS is only capable of moving at speeds up to five miles per hour, which makes it a bit less useful than, say, an automated HMMWV, but it’s still just a prototype, and we’re sure the technology will spread.

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