Jaguar’s Augmented-Reality Windshield Tech Is Awesome, We Want It Now [Video]

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen concept

The successful launch of the F-type and the excitement building around its new BMW 3-series fighter, the XE, are notable bright spots for Jaguar, but the company is also going on a technology tear. Just a short while after announcing its new line of in-house Ingenium engines, Jaguar put a cool video on YouTube that outlines a potential augmented-reality windshield technology dubbed Virtual Windscreen. We want it. 

Jaguar Virtual Windscreen concept-2

Essentially, Virtual Windscreen mixes familiar head-up-display technology with software tricks to project real-time info that interacts with actual objects viewed through the windshield. Aside from the usual rash of speed and rpm information, Jag’s display—which is still very much a concept at this point—can project a racing line on a track, just like in video games. The line can even be color-coordinated to help the driver nail braking and acceleration points.

Another neat trick is a “ghost” feature, which can save your car’s previous lap performance—or that of another car—and animate the bogey through the windshield so you can race it, virtually. Finally, Jaguar’s fantasy system would allow drivers to lay out a set of digital cones, enabling impromptu, single-car autocross sessions. It’s all very cool but also still very much a dream, although Jaguar’s Land Rover sister company might have the tech to make it a reality eventually—just look to the similar augmented-reality projection display that the automaker showed off on its Discovery Vision concept. Kia, of all car companies, recently showed an augmented-reality setup at the Consumer Electronics Show, so the urge is definitely there. We certainly would love to try such a system—but for now it can only be experienced virtually via the video below:

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