Six alternatives to a new BMW M4

This, or a BMW M4? Our £56,000 alternatives

There are many cars which could be bought for the same price as the new BMW M4. Autocar staffers reveal their alternative purchases

Let’s pretend, just for a moment, that the majority of expensive new cars are not actually bought on finance or as company cars.

Let’s imagine, solely because it suits this story, that the accepted way to buy a new car is to stroll into a dealership with nigh on £60k’s worth of bank notes in your hand and place them quietly on to a salesperson’s desk and gently ask if they’d mind, awfully, exchanging them for a BMW M4.

A new M4, with manual transmission and no options – not that anybody will buy one like that – retails at £56,650, and very pleasing it is, too. With 424 twin-turbocharged nags, a limited-slip differential and rear-wheel drive, it is a coupé to be adored. It drives well. It seats four. It swallows golf clubs. And it is as capable at driving to and from the Nürburgring as it would be around the circuit when it got there.

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