UK woman has failed driver’s test 110 times at a cost of over $5,000

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In America, a driver’s test seems almost like a formality. Can you park? Can you parallel park? Can you navigate down a road without hitting/killing any other cars, people, animals, houses, buildings, street signs or yourself? Yes, yes and yes? Congratulations, you’re licensed to drive. Things are more difficult in the United Kingdom, it seems.

According to the UK Department of Transport, the average pass rate for both the theory and practical tests in the first three months of 2014 was barely half. While that’s a discouraging stat, it hasn’t put off a 28-year-old woman from the UK, who has sat through the practical portion of the test 110 times. At a cost of 31 pounds (about $53 at today’s rates), she’s shelled out over 3,000 pounds ($5,120), according to The London Evening Standard.

Now, we’re not at all advocating that driving tests should be made easier. But after spending a pretty substantial amount of money, at what point should the UK driving authorities just waive the fees and let her try and sit the test again?

It’s unclear if the anonymous woman, who happens to live in London and has a vast public transit network at her disposal, has passed the practical portion of the driver’s test. She is, however, easily the record holder for most attempts at the written portion, with the next closest challenger at 86 attempts (he also hasn’t passed).

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