2015 Toyota Sienna Debuts, Offers Loudspeaker for Shouting at Rear-Seat Passengers

2015 Toyota Sienna Debuts, Offers Freshened Interior and the Ability to Shout at Rear-Seat Passengers

Compared with, say, the compact-crossover arena, the minivan segment is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, occupied as it is by a small number of vehicles fighting over buyers in Mad Max–style battles to the death. Okay, so the minivan game isn’t actually that ominous, but there’s no question that the shift away from the family-friendly devices toward three-row crossovers has dramatically reduced the number of entries. With only Honda’s Odyssey and Chrysler’s twins to seriously fend off—although the new Kia Sedona at least looks sharp—Toyota probably didn’t need to update its Sienna minivan for 2015, but it went ahead and did so anyway. READ MORE ››

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