2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Review

The original Genesis Sedan proved that Hyundai could replicate a world-class luxury motoring experience to rival the world’s best, without making shoppers go all Walking Dead style and severing an appendage or two when it came time to pay the bill. All the world-class luxury sedan must-haves were fitted, and it drove and felt just about as comfortable as any of the most coveted posh-rockets on the road.

Newly launched in its second generation, the 2015 Genesis Sedan represents an all-new model that advances on the original in a range of areas and proves, again, that Hyundai is on a bit of a product rampage.

What is a 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan 5.0?
The 2015 Genesis Sedan is Hyundai’s way of putting a world-class motoring experience within the reach of value-minded masses. Targeting the most lusted-after luxury sedans in terms of comfort, quality, and performance the Genesis generates an authentic luxury sports sedan experience at a price point thousands shy of comparable models from Japan and especially Europe.

2015 Hyundai Genesis Prices and Specs
For 2015, the Genesis starts at $43,000, though the tested 5.0 model — which only comes fully loaded in Ultimate trim — carried a sticker of $62,000. Equipped thusly, drivers get a 5.0L, 420-horsepower “TAU” series V8 that targets top-notch output-per-litre, as well as standard H-TRAC AWD technology that’s now standard across the model range.

Driving the 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan
On any drive the underlying sensation is one of comfort and relaxation. The Genesis sedan rides like a truly premium piece, maintaining composure over the rough stuff and letting only a little pitter patter from the tires into the cabin as they pass cracks in the road. It feels heavy, smooth, creamy, and quiet where the ride is concerned, which makes it a great place to relax, reflect, and feel like a big-dollar shot-caller.

Drive gently, and you’d be hard-pressed to hear or feel anything, including shifts from the 8-speed paddle-shift automatic. That’s backed up by the steering which is light and laid-back, a bit heavier in sport mode, but still luxury first.

The TAU V8 is very smooth, and works at the direction of a soft and gentle throttle calibration that ensures power never comes on too abruptly. Still, opened up for passing or out of a red light, it piles on the juice urgently as the revs climb, plowing torsos into seatbacks with nearly electric-car smoothness in the process as a tastefully restrained growl seeps into the cabin. It’s fast and potent enough to make some drivers second-guess whether there’s a rocket thruster sticking out the back.

If you push it a little, or a lot, the Genesis delivers heaps of grip with minimal drama. Or drive gently, and a sense of pure effortlessness to the acceleration, imperceptible gear changes, and world-class levels of quiet add to the relaxation. A surprisingly tight-for-its-size turning circle makes the Genesis easy to maneuver in small quarters, too.

Though the Genesis holds its own in fast cornering and was tuned on the track to handle, I did leave it wishing for a bit more feel, feedback, and urgency from the steering, handling and throttle, as well as faster responses from the paddle-shifters. Think of this as luxury sedan with a great big engine, rather than a great big performance car that’s luxurious.

Inside and Out of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0
The first Genesis was a little statelier and laid-back where cabin styling was concerned, as the new one exudes pure high-tech modern luxury. The shapes are less soft and boring, and more angular and bold. It’s fresh and new and dotted with interfaces and displays that proudly show off a little high-tech flare, too. Don’t miss the analog clock, either; it’s classy as all heck.

Plus, as a luxury sedan should be, it’s all lined in plush leather, thick carpeting, and a suede ceiling — not to mention a tasteful touch of matte-finish wood trim and a little accent stitching. There is generous room for four adults on board, too — and room aplenty in the giant trunk for all of their things.

Feature content includes gadget-lover items like a Head Up Display (HUD), a magnificent Lexicon stereo system, push-button start, rear-window sunshades, climate-controlled seats, radar-guided cruise control, and an array of camera and radar-based hazard-detection systems.

Comparing the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0
Would you pay $62k for a Hyundai like this? Hyundai thinks you would, especially when you consider that a European luxury car with this level of equipment and performance is going to easily push into six-figure pricing territory.

In contrast to the Genesis’ luxury-first character is the Chrysler 300C SRT8, which packs 470 horsepower, track-tuned chassis implements, and more aggressive, distinctive styling along with similar equipment levels for several thousand less — although it lacks AWD.

Ultimately, where discreet performance and world-class luxury are priorities at a relatively reasonable price, the Genesis Sedan 5.0 should be considered a priority test-drive.

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