Three-year-old saves man locked in hot car

Summer is that time of the year when we hear tragic news of young children being left in cars under a blazing sun. Well, here’s a different story: A 3-year-old boy in Tennessee helped save an old man who was trapped inside a hot car.

After receiving numerous cancer treatments and suffering from two strokes in the past six months, Bob King, 68, was “in very bad shape” and “could barely see anything” according to his wife. He tried to grab the door, but was too weak to push it open.

It was 33 degrees Celsius outside, and the temperature inside the car had reached over 50 degrees. With no car key, King couldn’t even start the air conditioning.

When little Keith Williams walked by, the man knocked on the window repeatedly. The toddler, who was barely three feet tall, was not strong enough to open the car door by himself, so he ran over to Pastor Jack Greene in the nearby church and kept saying “locked, locked, locked.”

It just so happens that Keith’s mother had educated him about hot car safety a few days before this event occurred.

After a few tries, Greene finally opened the door and brought King inside the church where there was air conditioning, fed him water, and fanned him until King looked better.

Congratulations to Keith, and may this serve as another reminder of the dangers of being in a hot car.

Source: ABC News

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