Steering wheels? They’ll be gone by 2035, study says

In a recent survey of more than 200 researchers in the field of autonomous vehicles, the majority of respondents believed rearview mirrors, horns, and emergency brakes will be removed from cars by 2030, while steering wheels and gas/brake pedals will follow by 2035.

Over 75% of respondents also indicated that all 50 U.S. states would pass legislation permitting use of driverless vehicles within this time period.

“We’ve seen incredible growth in the driverless vehicle industry over the past few years, both in technological advancement and manufacturer acceptance, that has dramatically affected the consumer adoption timetable,” stated IEEE Fellow Alberto Broggi, professor of computer engineering at the University of Parma in Italy and founder of VisLab. “The scientific community and car manufacturers have been working together to incrementally include autonomous features in modern day cars, with the intention of producing driverless vehicles in the near future. For mass adoption, it’s important that we begin trusting this technology.”

Advancements in technology will be the most instrumental in the continued development of driverless vehicles, with more than half (56%) of respondents believing that sensor technology is most essential, followed by software (48?), advanced driver assistance systems (47%), and GPS (31%).

Roughly three out of four predict that a complete digital map of the world will exist within the next 15 years.

Back To The Future II may have been way off the mark, but clearly the future is already here.

Source: IEEE

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