Japanese cars are most reliable according to French study

Japanese automakers are the most reliable in the auto industry according to the results of a French study based on the mandatory inspection of all used vehicles that are at least four years old.

In France, cars with irregularities don’t comply to standards, forcing owners to make the necessary repairs and pass a second inspection.

The following list reveals the percentage of vehicles that failed the first test. Lexus and Toyota easily came out on top, while Alfa Romeo and Fiat were a clear cut below everyone else.

Please note that Europe-only brands are absent from this list.

Lexus: 8.06%
Toyota: 9.54%
Suzuki: 11.58% (2014 is last model year in Canada)
Jaguar: 12.56%
Kia: 13.62%
Smart: 13.70%
Honda: 13.89%
Mercedes-Benz: 14.15%
Mazda: 14.35%
Audi: 14.78%
Nissan: 15.48%
Subaru: 15.98%
Hyundai: 16.24%
Land Rover: 16.26%
Saab: 16.67%
Mitsubishi: 16.87%
BMW: 17.43%
Volkswagen: 18.27%
Volvo: 18.89%
Jeep: 19.13%
Chevrolet: 19.19%
Ford: 19.35%
Dodge: 19.80%
Alfa Romeo: 23.37%
Fiat: 24.50%

Source: www.protegez-vous.ca

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