Driving a Vauxhall VXR8 with new GM boss Dan Ammann

Taking on the Goodwood hill with new GM boss Dan Ammann

On his first official visit to the UK, the new GM boss tells us about recalls, a home market recovery and an industry resurgence in Europe

New president of GM Dan Ammann has a profile that is unusual, in that he’s a 42-year-old New Zealander, former banker and management consultant, claimed by his PR men to be quite handy behind the wheel.

My previous experience of bankers and industry cheeses tells me some would be hard pressed even to recognise a steering wheel, so I couldn’t help wondering if this guy had been oversold. But it turned out he did GM’s high performance driving course four years ago, was rapidly recognised as a wheelman of talent, graduated to the top level of a seven-tier course and is now rated as one of a dozen of GM’s drivers.

We stormed up Goodwood’s famous hill in a

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