12-year-old’s invention stops children from being left in hot cars

Leaving a child inside a car on a hot summer day can have tragic consequences, which is why a 12-year-old boy named Andrew Pelham came up with a simple device to help parents not accidentally forget their young children on the back seat.

The EZ Baby Saver is a series of rubber bands attached together and wrapped in brightly coloured duct tape. One end hooks onto the driver’s door, while the other attaches to the back of the child seat.

“When you open the car door and get out of your car, you’re blocked by the brightly coloured EZ Baby Saver and you remember, ‘oh, my child is still in the car,’” Pelham explained to Fox News.

Due to the long, expensive process of securing a patent, he said he’d rather just raise awareness and encourage parents to design their own EZ Baby Saver at home. It’s already working, as evidenced by the numerous emails and Facebook comments Pelham has been receiving since making his invention public.

Of course, the device will only serve its purpose if parents remember to install it before hitting the road. However, you have to admire the efforts of a kid who imagined a safety system that no automaker has even developed yet, let alone made standard in vehicles.

Some of today’s cars feature advanced technologies like driver drowsiness detection, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and smartphone apps to remotely program air conditioning before you get to your car. It makes no sense that a much more basic solution to prevent children from being left in the car hasn’t been integrated yet.

Source : foxnewsinsider.com

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