Land Rover Set to Introduce its Diesel Hybrid Range Rovers in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Auto Show is getting set to receive the first diesel hybrid and Sport hybrid Range Rover vehicles, which will be sold as of 2014 by Land Rover.

Powered by a SDV6 3.0 litre diesel engine connected to a 35 kW electric motor, the total combined output is 335 hp, which is delivered through an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. The hybrid model zooms from 0-100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, for a top speed of 218 km/h, while the Sport version is clocked at 6.7 seconds, with a 225 km/h top speed.

In order to demonstrate their ruggedness and reliability, 3 hybrid Range Rovers will start a 16,000 km trek on August 22nd from Solihull, home of Land Rover England, to Mumbai, India, home of Tata Motors Headquarters.

To achieve this feat, the journey will be broken into 10 separate steps, through 12 countries, riding the world’s most treacherous roads and mountain passes, including the legendary Silk Road, that connects the Mediterranean to Asia.

Range Rover diesel hybrid 3/4 view

Photo: Land Rover

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