Bugatti’s Veyron successor rumoured to be a hybrid

Seeing that many of the world’s top-tier hypercars now employ a hybrid powertrain, Bugatti may join the hybrid bandwagon with its next car, according to a report from Reuters.

Bugatti’s Veyron successor is rumoured to have a hybrid system matched to a 16-cylinder engine that will help it surpass the Veyron’s 1,200-horsepower rating. Total output is reportedly an astounding 1,500 hp. Bugatti is also hoping that its new car will regain bragging rights as the world’s fastest car, a title that was taken away by the Hennessey Venom earlier this year.

“The new model will not be less exciting than the Veyron,” an unnamed spokeswoman told Reuters. “Our customers have certain expectations.”

Bugatti will reportedly make only 450 units of its new hyper hybrid, which seems optimistic seeing as the automaker, which is owned by Volkswagen, actually loses money on each $1.6-million Veyron and had trouble selling all the units manufactured. The spokeswoman did say, however, that 430 of the planned 450 hybrid models have already been sold.

The McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari all use hybrid powertrains to boost performance.

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