Ghost trucks, haunted bridge and strange lights make Clinton Road the scariest in the US

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Clinton Road sign

Every small town has some sort of ghost story, weird bit of folklore or touch of the paranormal to it. Oftentimes, this grew from a simple story told far in the past into something far bigger and more elaborate in modern times, sort of like a chronological game of telephone.

For example, in the late 1800s, my hometown of Lake Orion, MI was rumored to have a huge, Loch Ness Monster-like entity living in its eponymous lake after a few locals spotted a mysterious “dragon” floating along the lake. The monster was actually launched onto the lake by a group of mischievous youths, but the story grew and grew and eventually became a firm part of the town’s folklore (even the high school mascot is a dragon).

Clinton Road in New Jersey is like that, only its folklore is more grisly, its tales of the paranormal are more abnormal and its ghost stories and weird coincidences are a bit more widely reported. The strip of winding asphalt runs through West Milford, NJ, between Route 23 and the Warwick Turnpike.

Over the years, the 10-mile-long road has become associated with the state’s notorious cryptid, the New Jersey Devil, ghosts that throw coins at cars, UFOs, druidic and satanic ceremonies and Ku Klux Klan and mafia activities. There have been reports of snow in July and there’s been at least one grizzly discovery – the body of a frozen mob associate. The New York Daily News took a few trips down Clinton Road, with Weird NJ Magazine at its side, just to find out what the deal really is on the lonely stretch of road.

Hop over to the NYDN and have a look at this interesting, and slightly humorous look at New Jersey’s haunted road.

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