Lamborghini Egoista, The 'Selfish'

Lamborghini is known for making cars that are insanely outlandish and magnificent at the same time. And despite having a reputation, they have the ability to surprise you. Lamborghini Egoista is one such car that they have made to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

‘Egoista’ means selfish in Italian, and the name is befitting as it has only one seat and only one such car has been made that is available for public viewing at the Lamborghini museum in Bologna Italy. Despite being a car that may never be sold to anyone, it is a fully functional car that is based on Lamborghini Gallardo. it has a 5.2L V10 engine, capable of producing 600 hp.

It has a canopy door and a cockpit that is made to resemble with the modern fighter jet, and the steering wheel has to be removed in order to get into the car. The exterior has been made from the anti radar material. It is designed to resemble with a fighter jet from the front and a raging bull from the side.

Lamborghini Egoista

As it turns out, Lamborghini that is made out of material used in an apache helicopter sounds as insane as it looks and that is exactly why you gotta love Lamborghini.

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