Volkswagen GTI Roadster Concept 2014

Volkswagen GTI Roadster Concept 2014 Car Picture

Volkswagen unveiled the GTI Roadster concept at the Woerthersee GTI meeting in Austria. The 2014 GTI Roadster Concept was originally created as a purely electronic car, to feature in the Sony PlayStation® 3 classic, Gran Turismo 6 (GT6). The result of cooperation between Volkswagen and Sony Computer Entertainment, the GTI Roadster is the work of three young Volkswagen designers, winners of an in-house competition to design a vehicle to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Gran Turismo game.

The GTI Roadster Concept was unveiled on 26 May, and just days later, Volkswagen is presenting it made real, at the annual gathering of GTI fans on the shores of Woerthersee, which runs from 18-31 May.

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