McLaren P13 To Be Available in Coupe, Convertible—and Be-Trunked GT Versions

McLaren P13 (artist's rendering)

We’ve learned that McLaren is set to launch three different versions of its forthcoming ‘baby’ model (rendered in coupe form above), which is currently only known by the corporate code of P13.

While it comes as no surprise that there will be both a coupe and an open-topped Spider version, the revelation is that the platform will spin off a separate ‘GT’ that will feature a luggage compartment at the back of the car.

Given that the P13 will share its carbon-fiber tub and mid-mounted V-8 engine with other members of the lineup, this sounds like a deeply unlikely turn of events. Yet a McLaren insider has confirmed the GT as part of the mix, and the company believes it could even be the bestselling version of the P13. We’re promised that the finished GT, which we’ll see next year, “looks more like an E-type than the Jaguar F-type does.”

A mid-engined car with a trunk? Apparently so—and remember, you heard it here first. We’re told that some clever airflow management will prevent anything in the luggage area from being cooked despite its proximity to the P13’s mid-mounted engine. Our informant has also told us that the coupe version of the P13 will have a concave rear window similar to that of the Ferrari 206GT Dino.

Mechanically, the P13 sticks closely to the script that McLaren has established with the 12C, 650S, and P1. All three cars share the same basic carbon ‘monocell’ and twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. Given the P13’s position at the bottom of the range, we can expect the motor to be substantially de-tuned. It’s likely to produce between 450 and 470 horsepower, enough to put it in contention with rivals like the new Audi R8 V8 and the upper reaches of the Porsche 911 range. As with McLaren’s other cars, a dual-clutch gearbox will be the only transmission option, and all P13s will be rear-drive only.

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Pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet, but our latest intelligence suggests the GT and coupe versions will start around the $130,000 mark, with the Spider commanding a slight premium.

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