Collection of 200 classic cars re-discovered after 61 years

Many enthusiasts have dreamed of discovering a classic car that has been untouched for decades. But what if you found two-hundred classics sitting untouched since 1953? Well according to this article on Fox News, that’s exactly what happened.

These cars were amassed by Oliver Jordan, who ran a salvage business in Enid, Oklahoma, from 1945 to 1953. In 1953, a nasty zoning dispute caused Jordan to close his business and the cars were blocked from public view.

Oliver Jordan 200 car collection

This Cord 812 sedan is actually front wheel drive!
Supplied, VanDerBrink Auctions

The 200 car collection is mostly composed of 1930s and ’40s classics but includes cars as early as a 1917 Maxwell. There are plenty of rare cars in the collection but a supercharged 1937 Cord 812 sedan is definitely a highlight. Cord 812s were front-wheel-drive, V8-powered and used an advanced semi-automatic transmission.

Other notable models include a very art deco 1937 Hudson TerraPlane Super Six and two 1942 “blackout” cars. Civilian car production was halted during WWII but just before it was, several automakers squeezed out a few “blackout” cars with no chrome and minimal trim due to rationing of materials.

Oliver Jordan 200 car collection

The collection contains more than 200 classic cars.
Supplied, VanDerBrink Auctions

Six decades of exposure have not been kind to the cars and all will need complete overhauls to be drivable. Most cars are missing small pieces like headlights and grilles and few have intact glass. Some are missing engines but others, like the Cord 812, are remarkably intact.

Jordan passed away in 2003 and his widow passed away seven months ago. The cars are being sold by VanDerBrink Auctions and Jordan’s grandson is overseeing the sale. The cars will be sold as is in Enid, Oklahoma, on June 7th.

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