F1: A limitation on test days could reduce costs in Formula 1

One of the proposals submitted to reduce costs in Formula 1 would be to drastically reduce the number of test days.

British magazine Autosport writes today that amongst the changes that are discussed by the FIA and the teams is a revamp of the testing regulations.

The story indicated that a number of proposals are being considered, including the ban of in-season testing and the reduction of pre-season testing sessions from three to two.

The teams are divided over the relevance of the in-season test. Some says that they are essential to develop the cars while other directors claim they are an unneeded, additional expense that is a cause of stress for their employees.

Ferrari Technical Director, James Allison considers changes to the testing regulations are a more effective way to cut costs than simply changing technical rules.

McLaren’s director of racing, Frenchman Eric Boullier isn’t entirely convinced, though, and suggested that too many rule changes over a short period of time could have the opposite effect and rise the costs.

F1 Lotus testing Bahrain

Team Lotus testing at Bahrain. (Photo: WRi2)

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