MG considering a return to North America

Another storied European automaker is looking to re-enter the North American market — this time, it’s British marque MG. says the British automaker, now owned by Chinese company SIAC, has tasked its designers with exploring a new sports car as part of a possible long-term goal of making a comeback to the U.S.

According to sources within the company, there are a number of potential starting points for the project, including a roadster similar to the Mazda Miata and one that is based on the MG Icon SUV concept from 2012.

But before MG can consider dabbling in the sports car market, as well as planning its return to North America, Edmunds says the automaker wants to bolster its lineup with more mainstream models. Currently, MG’s lineup consists almost entire of hatchbacks sold in markets such as the U.K. and China.

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