Brutal: McLaren F1 Crashed in Italy, Comes to Rest Upside Down Against Tree [Updated with Video of Recovery]

McLaren F1 Crash

One look pretty much says it all: There’s one less McLaren F1 currently roaming the world’s roads. There are no details of the crash other than it happened in Italy and that British actor Rowan Atkinson was on the scene immediately after the incident. (He wasn’t in the car, but has wrecked one before and was driving a different F1 as part of an apparent rally or tour.) More aftermath videos can be viewed at Italian publication┬á, or you can watch the video embedded at the bottom of this post.

McLaren F1 Crash

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McLaren F1 Crash

While the condition of the car (chassis #072) falls┬ásolidly into the “toasted” category, we expect a restoration will be underway shortly: Fewer than 70 roadgoing F1s were built and the cars currently command strong seven-figure prices. Reports indicate that the occupants of the car were hospitalized but. Here’s a picture of the car with the owner’s matching 12C, which were part of a Top Gear magazine story in 2012:

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Post by Tomirri Photography.

And here’s video of the aftermath and vehicle recovery:

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