Google begins work on its own self-driving car

Google begins work on its own self-driving car

Prototype self-driving cars built in order to explore the technology and software required for safe transport; real-world trials could follow

Google has revealed that it has begun work on its own self-driving car, building several prototypes in order to test how the cars perform in the real world.

Currently the prototypes, which are simple two-seat cars with minimal creature comforts, are capped at 25mph. A display shows the planned route while a battery of sensors allows the car to ‘see’ 274 metres in all directions.

The autonomous prototypes don’t feature any of the common controls that we might expect – such as a steering wheel or pedals – because Google claims that “software and sensors will do all the work”.

Its early prototypes are basic in order to allow them to be as flexible as possible, so the company can quickly identify issues and areas of required development. Google’s aim is to develop and deliver a car that can take you to your destination at the push of a button, removing the human element entirely.

“We’ve been working towards the goal of vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving,”

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