F1: Caterham plays down talks with potential buyer Gene Haas

Caterham team boss, Cyril Abiteboul has denied that the financially struggling Formula 1 team would make a perfect fit for American entrepreneur Gene Haas who works at setting up his own F1 team.

Yesterday, the rumour emerged that Caterham group of automotive and engineering companies, including U.K. sports car manufacturer Caterham Cars Ltd. and the Caterham Formula 1 Team would be up for sale.

Taking to Sky Sports F1, Abiteboul said that he does not think that Caterham is not a target for Haas who wants to put together a genuine American F1 team.

“I think they have a very strong opinion of how they want to do Formula 1. I don’t think that we tick their boxes,” Abiteboul said.

“I think everything is for sale in F1, so every team is looking for sponsors, for investors, so I think it’s then just a notion of limits. But I can’t really comment on the limitation. We’ve been talking to potential investors since I joined this team to be honest,” the Frenchman added.

F1 Caterham CT05 Renault Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson, Caterham CT05-Renault. (Photo: WRi2)

The three news teams (Marussia (Manor), Caterham (Team Lotus) and HRT (Campos) were granted entries in 2010 with the promise that F1 would adopt a

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