Mercedes-Benz plans plug-in hybrid push for 2020

Mercedes-Benz plans plug-in hybrid push for 2020

New hybrid versions of the S-class and C-class to lead a major focus on plug-in hybrid vehicles from Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is gearing its future vehicle strategy around a greater uptake of plug-in hybrids than full electric cars, according to the company’s head of development, Thomas Weber.

Speaking at the launch of the Mercedes C-class estate this week, Weber said that there were still “a lot of questions” surrounding the take-up of EVs, with many buyers remaining unconvinced by a lack of charging infrastructure.

“So far around the world there has been huge discussion, small demand,” he said. “It’s not only linked to whether there are cars available to buy; the second question is whether there is an infrastructure available where you can charge your vehicle.”

Although Mercedes is producing a small number of electric models, such as the B-class Electric Drive and Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, it will focus on plug-in hybrid technology for the larger cars in its line-up, with the Mercedes Rear-wheel Architecture (MRA) designed to accommodate PHEV technology.

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