Over a decade on, is Renault’s Clio V6 still a delight to drive?

Over a decade on, is Renault's Clio V6 still a delight to drive?

It’s become one of the most iconic hot hatchbacks around, and reminds us that Renault can be truly creative with its engineering

Prior to borrowing Renault’s immaculate Clio V6, I’d seen one on the road three times. Once on the M25 near Brentwood; once was, I think, on the A243 going past Chessington World of Adventures, and the other time it was Renault’s own car again on an earlier visit to Autocar HQ.

Anecdotally, then, they’re rare. And rare in fact too because according to the internet, less than 250 were registered in the UK last year. Which means you’ve got more chance of coming across a Ferrari 599 GTB.

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