BMW crushing ActiveE EVs, saving all batteries

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Crushed BMW ActiveE EVs by Jimmy Neamonitis

It’s unlikely to spark a movement and a movie, the way a certain EV1 did a decade ago, but anyone who’s seen Who Killed The Electric Car? will likely cringe at this bit of news. Despite the fact that crushing and recycling old vehicles is standard operating procedure in the auto industry, when EVs are involved, it’s always a touchy subject.

The next phase is that “all of the lithium-ion batteries being repurposed for Battery Second Life research projects.”

So, what’s the news? Well, the image you see above, which comes from the spotting of 16 smashed BMW ActiveE EVs on flatbed trailers on California Route 91 near Los Angeles, CA. EV advocate Chelsea Sexton told Green Car Reports, “It’s all very d

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