Delayed recalls: Is GM Canada on the hot seat, too?

Canadian Transport Minister Lisa Raitt wants to know if General Motors of Canada failed to recall vehicles in a timely manner like the automaker did in the U.S., which resulted in a $35 million fine.

“Having seen what has developed in the United States I’ve gone back to my officials to go back to GM Canada and ask them when did they find out. Did they find out at the same time as GM in the U.S. told the world or did they know earlier than that?” Raitt told reporters on a conference call.

“I need to get that information and that answer from GM Canada before we move any further because, as you know, if they had that information and didn’t put the recall in place, then they could be in violation of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act,” she said.

GM has recalled nearly 420,000 vehicles in Canada since February and more will soon be added to the list.

Source: Automotive News

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