Britain’s quirky answer to the VW camper

Next month’s Vancouver Collector Car Show & Auction will feature supercars, muscle cars and vintage cars to make the most jaded gearhead drool.

But the second annual event at the PNE Grounds will also have its share of the odd and quirky rolling across the auction block stage.

And few vehicles are as quirky as the Commer Camper.

Those taking in the show will be in for a treat when they lay eyes on this fully restored 1965 model that has an appraisal value north of $24,000.

Called a ‘Caravanette,’ the four-cylinder powered van appears the ideal weekend ride for Mr. Bean, with its partly covered wheels, distinctive front end and accordion-like pop-up roof.

Commer built commercial vehicles in the UK from 1905 to 1979, everything from light vans to heavy trucks to military vehicles.

Its greatest success was probably its long association with the British Postal Service, and it is that mail delivery van — the Commer FC, introduced in 1960 — from which the camper is derived.

The 1965 Commer Camper up for auction is completely restored, including new paint, body, interior upholstery and tires.

And the engine is fully reconditioned.

The woman who is selling it is actually the sister of the owner, a man who died before he could restore it. She says she had the restoration job done because that is what he would have wanted.

The second annual Vancouver Collector Car Show & Auction takes place June 21-22 at the PNE Grounds. For complete details visit

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