Baby, Don’t Hoon Me: Open-Wheel FA1 Race Cars Play in Public [Video]

Baby Don’t Hoon Me: FA1 Cars Play in Public [Video]

From the series website: “Croatia and Slovakia are not homologated for Formula Acceleration 1.” Sure, Bratislava is like a junior-grade Vienna stocked with good-looking, unfriendly people, but Croatia? Really? Have you been to Dubrovnik? We’d homologate the Dalmatian Coast for any purpose at any time.

By the way, what’s FA1? From what we can tell, it’s basically a revived version of the A1GP concept: identical single-seat open-wheel cars with teams sorted by nation. In fact, the cars themselves are the old Lola-Zytek chassis from that now-defunct series. Also somehow attached to the series is a music festival featuring David Hasselhoff, Rick Astley, and Haddaway.

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They’ve also been making videos of the cars in action in inappropriate places: zipping by on a public road here, spinning six too many donuts in a public square there. It’s just that, well, we read the name “Haddaway” and now we can’t shake “What Is Love?” Beba, don’t hurt me . . .

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