Toyota recalls nearly 430,000 vehicles in the U.S.

Toyota has issued a recall for three separate issues affecting some 430,000 vehicles across the U.S.

The first recall covers 370,000 Toyota Sienna models manufactured between 2004 and 2011. In climates where road salt is used throughout the winter months, water can splash onto the spare tire carrier and cause it to corrode.

Toyota says certain Sienna models have already been recalled for this issue, and in those cases a splash guard and an anti-rust coating were added, but those fixes did not work. In a worst-case scenario, the spare tire cable will rust to the point where it snaps, dropping the spare tire from below.

The second recall affects the gasoline and hybrid Toyota Highlander from 2014. In the 50,000 examples covered, a fault with the passenger detection system in the front passenger seat can improperly calculate the size of the front passenger, and as a result, fail to determine when to fire the airbag.

The third and final recall concerns rear brakes installed on 10,500 Lexus GS sedans from 2013. In those cars, Toyota says a defective load sensor switch in the pedal can activate the brakes while the car is moving, and with neither driver input nor lighting up the tail lights.

No injuries have been reported at this point, and as usual, dealers will carry out the repairs free of charge.

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