What Do I Get? A Teasing Look at the 911-Fighting Mercedes-AMG GT [Video]

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT

Well, its pair of turbochargers. This is good news, given the GT is a kinda-sorta follow-up to the glorious-sounding, naturally aspirated SLS AMG, itself the semi-successor to the cackling SLR McLaren. 

While each iteration of Benz’s range-topping sports car has seemingly gotten louder, each one also has moved a little farther downmarket. The new car should find itself doing battle with the Porsche 911, Maserati Alfieri, Jaguar F-type, and even Ferrari’s revised California T and an upcoming entry-level model from McLaren. That’s a pretty scattershot grouping, and we’re curious to see exactly where the new GT will land on the hardness-of-core scale. For its part, Mercedes seems confident the car will fall closer to the hard-core side, and doesn’t hesitate to say so in its video.

2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

This is what we expect the Mercedes-AMG GT to look like without its funny pre-production coveralls.

We showed you the interior last month, noting that Daimler’s dropped the “Benz” from the car’s name, presumably to add lightness and what the Germans refer to as “sportivity”. They’re also making sure differentiate it from similarly priced AMG-prepared examples of the SL boulevardier. From the looks of the camouflaged prototypes we’ve seen—cars that appear again in this video—folks mistaking the two for the same pricey slab of Merc should be few and far between.

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As for the video? It’s not exactly stuffed with long, lingering glances at the GT. It’s all short cuts, closeups and honkin’ noise, punctuated repeatedly by the rather aggressive tagline, “This is what you get.” We like to imagine a group of execs surrounding Dieter Zetsche mirthfully exclaiming, “Zis is vat you get, Marchionne! Zat’s vat you get, Piëch! And yes, you too, Ron Dennis! Zis is vat you get!” Or something like that. Anyway, watch the video below:

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