Full 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost and GT Pricing Revealed!

 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost starts at $25,995, GT at $32,925

This morning, Ford spilled the beans on the 2015 Mustang V6 Fastback’s opening price. Today, as dealers begin placing orders, additional pricing info is flying onto forums.

Over at the indispensable Mustang6G, member ‘GallopingPony’, a Ford dealer named Cam in Northern Virginia, fleshed out the fastback base pricing for everyone.

V6 Base Pricing

Mustang V6 Fastback (050A): $24,425
Mustang V6 Fastback (051A): $25,420

EcoBoost Base Pricing

Mustang EcoBoost Fastback (100A): $25,995
Mustang EcoBoost Fastback (200A): $29,995
Mustang EcoBoost Fastback (201A): $31,790

GT Base Pricing

Mustang GT Fastback (300A): $32,925
Mustang GT Premium Fastback (400A): $36,100
Mustang GT Premium Fastback (401A): $38,720
Mustang GT 50 Year Limited Edition (500A): $46,995

Convertible pricing isn’t available yet and likely won’t arrive until later this summer.

As for what those product codes mean (300A, 400A, etc.), you can decipher them in the order guide that was released to dealers this morning. Here it is, for easy perusal and download:

2015 Ford Mustang Order Guide (released to dealers 5/20/2014)

In addition, GallopingPony shared pricing for many of the options buyers are likely to be interested in:

Floor Mats: $85 retail
GT Performance PKG: $2,495 retail
Navigation: $795 retail
Recaros Leather: $1595 retail
Enhanced Security Package: $395
6-Speed Automatic Transmission: $1195
3.55 Diff: $395
Spare Wheel/Tire: $195
Reverse Park Assist: $295
Floor Mats: $95
Recaros: $1595
Wheel Stripe Package (EcoBoost): $895
18″ Painted Aluminum Wheels (641): $155
EcoBoost Performance Package (67E): $1995
Adaptive Cruise Control (52S): $1195
20″ Machined Aluminum Wheels: $1295
Premium Trim Package: $295
Navigation: $795
50th Anniversary Package: $1595
19″ Wheels $995: (GT)
GT Performance Package: $2495
Destination and delivery: $825

Bookmark and follow this thread at the Mustang 6G forums, as it’s constantly being updated. If you’re curious about what different model/option packages are stickering out to, many builds are being posted there as they’re ordered.

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