Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” Trailer Made Better Via F1 Imagery (The Actual Movie Looks Promising, Too)


Words and images. The right ones stick with you. That’s why we have favorites. Books. Films. Photos. TV shows. The best climb into your head and move in, never to be evicted.

In December, Warner Brothers released the first trailer for Interstellar, a new sci-fi film by Christopher Nolan that arrives in theaters later this year. It’s a stirring teaser that combines Matthew McConaughey’s voiceover with archival footage of milestones along mankind’s path to space exploration:

Those words also add power to images they were never intended to accompany. Inspired by the Interstellar trailer, Racing in Slow Motion rearranged its audio and laid archival Formula 1 footage over it. The resulting video is no less gripping, and it pushes all the right emotional buttons.

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You’ll smile as you watch it. Most of all, though, you’ll remember it:

UPDATE: If you were intrigued by the cryptic Interstellar teaser trailer, you’ll love the first full trailer for the film. In it, we learn the basic plot: The Earth is out of food. Humanity needs to find a new home. Matthew McConaughey’s character is one of the people who will lead the search. Nolan’s assembled a typically solid cast, and this looks promising:

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