Money Shot: Watch a Ferrari Run Rings Around a Bugatti Veyron

458 Drifting

Professional photo shoots can be a drag, even when they involve exotic hardware like a Ferrari F430 and Bugatti Veyron. Hours of painstakingly positioning vehicles to suit a photographer’s vision can become tedious, no matter how hot the metal. So to stave off the boredom at a recent shoot for Dutch car customizer JDCustoms, photographer Gijs Spierings stepped back and asked, what haven’t we done today? The answer, of course, was to let the Ferrari F430 spin a few donuts around the Bugatti Veyron.

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Don’t get us wrong; while we’d gladly spend a day or two wrangling a couple of supercars just for the opportunity to get more intimately familiar with them, Spierings’ idea sounds way more fun. Sure, it’s unconventional—and if it were to go south, it’d go south in a big way—but if it helps the creative process, why not? Actually, we’re all for it no matter the reason.

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