F1: Gillette launches new marketing campaign with McLaren

Gillette is enhancing its collaboration with McLaren Mercedes, bringing to life an innovative marketing campaign focused on Precision Engineering.

The partnership covers the Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Gillette and McLaren are coming together for an exciting new marketing campaign emphasising the ways the two brands push boundaries of technology.

“Ultimate precision technology and a passion for winning are deeply encoded in the DNA of both brands. Gillette and McLaren lead engineering refinement, whether that’s seen in developing blades thinner than a wave length of light, or engineering car components that are accurate tolerances of a fraction of a human hair,” says the team press release.

This passion for the best will be further leveraged through a pioneering sports marketing campaign that aims to reach and inspire millions of men with cutting edge communication behind TV, Digital, PR and In-store programs.

F1 Gillette McLaren

Photo: Gillette

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