Volvo unveils inflatable child seat concept

Volvo is never kidding when it comes to safety. After introducing airbags for pedestrians, the company now unveils a lightweight and inflatable rearward-facing child seat concept using ground-breaking technology.

Lawrence Abele, Design Manager at the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center in Los Angeles, is the designer behind the new seat. “For many, travelling with young children is a challenge; any assistance to simplify the parents’ life with young children is a great thing,” he said.

The seat inflates in less than 40 seconds and deflates with an integrated pump. The total weight of the seat is less than five kilograms, half the weight of a modern seat. It’s made from a very strong material called “drop-stitch” fabric, which is quite common in the boating industry.

No word yet on when Volvo plans to launch its inflatable child seat on the market.

Volvo unveils inflatable child seat concept

Photo: Volvo

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