Red Bull Racing’s Paul Bischof builds amazing model cars… from paper (+video)

From Red Bull Racing

Paul Bischof is an engineer for Red Bull Racing. He designs parts that Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Riccardo then race. The team first became aware of him when it saw what Paul does for fun.

That is building paper models of planes and cars from cardboard, tinfoil and discarded giftwrap.

Red Bull RB7, Paul Bischof

Red Bull RB7 by Paul Bischof (Photo: Siemens AG)

It all start when Paul was eighth. But for the last decade, he has been building 1/10th scale models of Formula One and sports cars. Each model contains around 6,500 individual parts and takes upwards of a year to complete.

It caught the attention of Red Bull Racing’s chief designer Rob Marshall, who invited Paul for an interview at Milton Keynes. The rest is history. Paul became a composite design engineer for the team, as you now know.

Here is a video made by David Betteridge that tells the story of Paul Bischof.

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