Canadian touring: Wittmer brothers preparing for championship chase in 2014

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While their father and brothers are winning races throughout Quebec and the United States, brothers Nick and Karl Wittmer are upholding the family honour with their accomplishments in the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC).

Over his CTCC career, soon-to-be 29 year-old Nick has earned a pair of Super class championships with back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010, and followed up that success by claiming the B-Spec crown in 2012. Handing control of the Ste-Rose Honda Fit to his younger brother for 2013, Karl then proceeded to score seven race victories in eight starts, reclaiming the B-Spec trophy for the Wittmer clan.

And the Montreal-based siblings are not yet through with their championship quests.
Last year, Nick struggled with teething problems aboard his #91 Honda Accord Super class ride, but worked through and corrected the issues that plagued his 2013 campaign.

Karl Wittmer, Nick Wittmer

Photo: John R. Walker

“Last year was a development season with a brand-new product. I don’t think there are any other Accords racing in North America,” explains Nick. “The biggest problem was an oiling issue that cost us a bunch of motors. We added an oil cooler and changed the (oil) pan after Trois Rivieres, and the car ran like a charm to the end of the year.”

With his motor problems hopefully behind him, Nick has spent the off-season working on the handling setup for the Ste-Rose/ Conseils FIER Accord and is feeling confident heading into the new year.

“We were jumping up and down with a seventh in last year’s championship, it was our own personal victory,” recalls Nick. “But this year, our goal is the title. I’ve got two in Super class, I want to make it three.”

With his own car sitting on the showroom floor and ready for battle, Nick is now turning his attention to completing a new four-door, Civic Si that Karl will take into the Touring class wars.

“This car, and this class, will be a whole new ball game for me. I’m not used to competing at much higher speeds on those big tracks,” admits Karl. He continues, “I’ve done two seasons in Quebec Regionals in the SPC (Super Production Challenge) series, so I have a bit of experience in the bigger cars. But adapting to the speed is still going to be a huge challenge.”

Karl’s newest racing endeavour will also offer the Hudson, QC driver an opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ in the development process of a new car. “I’m hungry, I want to learn every little detail and how to develop a car that’s fresh from scratch,” states the just-turned 23 year-old.

“On track, if I can learn a little bit every time out by watching and following the other drivers, I think we are looking at some solid podium finishes this year.”

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