Expanded Land Rover Discovery range to feature rugged SUV

Expanded Land Rover Discovery range to feature rugged SUV

New rugged seven-seat SUV, the fourth member of Land Rover’s new Discovery family, targets the Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Rover is believed to have started work on a fourth member of its future expanded Discovery family, according to Autocar sources.

The new model is a more rugged, conventional SUV targeted at buyers of cars such as Toyota’s Land Cruiser, Autocar understands. It will join a Discovery family that will also include compact five-seat and seven-seat models, which will replace the Freelander, and an upmarket replacement for today’s Discovery 4.

It’s thought that the new Land Cruiser rival will cost between £36,000 and £56,000 in today’s money. It’s expected to be built on an aluminium platform, probably related to the one that underpins the new Jaguar SUV, and will be a seven-seater. However, it isn’t expected to hit the showrooms until 2017.

The new model will put the emphasis on genuine go-anywhere performance and hardcore off-road ability. Land Rover planners have found that the Discovery 4 has gained a great deal of real-world credibility with drivers who make use of its true off-road performance.

The combination of decent reliability, ruggedness and comfort has won back many users to Land Rover who, for many years, had been lost to rival Japanese SUVs.

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