Amazing supercar drifting uphill on snow (+video)

Jon Olsson had a crazy idea to take a 600-horsepower supercar to go drifting on a ski slope in Sweden!

Olsson will compete in the upcoming Gumball 3000 #Miami2Ibiza rally in June 2014.

So he took a 600-hp, 1000kg supercar Rebellion R2K up a snowy ski slope in Storlien, Sweden to drift uphill.

WEC Rebellion R2K

Rebellion R2K. (Photo: World of Betsafe)

The prototype was fitted with 315 mm wide winter tires.

“I have always had a passion for taking supercars to the ski slopes. Now that I am injured, I can’t ski, so we brought the 600hp, 1000kg Rebellion to see what would happen if you actually drove a true supercar up a slope!” said Olsson.

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