F1: Mercedes AMG boss says technical rules must not be changed

Mercedes AMG boss Paddy Lowe said that there is no need to change or modify the current Formula 1 technical regulations.

Lowe replied to the complaints made by the directors of at least two F1 teams (that are no longer winning races) who claim that the rules should be changed.

One of them publicly said that the current fuel restriction rules have turned racers into “taxi drivers”.

Lowe understands why some people would want to see the rules modified, but he adds it would be completely unrealistic.

Some team owners said that the cars would need to use 110kg of fuel instead of 100.

“Has anyone realised you couldn’t fit 110 kilograms into the current cars?” Lowe told Sky Sports F1.

Other directors suggested that the races should be shortened.

“Can you imagine selling that concept to the public? It would be like saying ‘we’ve decided people aren’t fit enough these days and marathons are only going to be 40 kilometres, not 42′. The messaging around that cannot be contemplated,” Lowe explained.

Lowe added: “In Bahrain the guys (Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg) were racing from beginning to end, and it was a completely normal level of fuel saving.”

Lowe declared he would even like to see the F1 rules become more severe.

“Formula 1 is about developing technology, setting stretched targets,” he added.

“The nature of F1 is to push technology to the limit and beyond. Maybe next year it should be down to 95 kilograms for a Grand Prix.”

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